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Treasure Hunt: Perfect Indoor Fun

As the weather turns cold, it's time to find creative fun indoors. Treasure Hunt is the perfect game for kids to play inside with their friends. By simply hiding clues in the house, you can get the kids searching high and low for their next clue and ultimately the "treasure" at the end of the hunt.

The Treasure Hunt game can be played individually or with teams competing for time. The goal is to lead the seekers through a set of clues that takes them from place to place to find the secret "treasure." 

The game organizer (Mom, Dad or any babysitter) creates the clues on pieces of paper, folding and hiding them to set up the game for the “seekers.” Remember, the clue you are hiding gives the seekers the location of the next clue.

For young children who can’t read, write the clue name with a drawing of where they are to look. (Such as a drawing of the dog bowl or bathtub.) For older children, write out the clue location or for an even more challenging adventure, use riddles or trivia questions to make deciphering the clues tougher. Hiding each of the clues a distance apart, making sure the location of your final clue accommodates the size of the treasure.

The treasure can be anything from a tasty treat to prizes to another activity. Be creative and make the hunt fun.

For the full set of rules for Treasure Hung, visit the Project Play Books website at

HINT: I keep my clues for the next game and reuse the locations.


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