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The Nostalgic Allure of Backyard Games for Grandparents

Project Play Books get a boost from Grandparents gifting the book series to their Grandchildren.

In a world filled with digital distractions and high-tech toys, there's something magical about the simplicity of classic backyard games. Many grandparents fondly reminisce about the days when children would gather in the yard, trading laughs and creating memories that would last a lifetime. Now, more than ever, grandparents are eager to share these timeless games with their grandchildren.

For many grandparents, these games weren't just pastimes; they were traditions that brought families and friends together, creating cherished moments. As grandparents yearn to impart these experiences to the younger generation, Project Play books offer a perfect bridge between the past and the present.

Author Marlene Byrne has crafted a wonderful series in Project Play books, bringing these classic backyard games to life. The series serves as a treasure trove for grandparents looking to pass on the joy of traditional backyard games to their grandchildren. With titles like "Ghost in the Graveyard," "Treasure Hunt," and "Kick the Can," these books not only recount the excitement of the games but also provide engaging stories that captivate young readers.

In "Ghost in the Graveyard," Byrne weaves a captivating tale around the classic game that sends shivers down the spine. The book not only narrates the game's rules but also immerses children in a story that captivates the reader and introduces them to the quirky Edgebrook kids. Grandparents use this book to introduce the game to their grandchildren in a way that combines literature and outdoor play.

The thrill of a treasure hunt is beautifully captured in the pages of the "Treasure Hunt" book and includes sample clues to use in your own "hunt". As the characters embark on an adventure to find hidden treasures, the book serves as a guide for grandparents to narrate their own stories.

"Kick the Can" takes readers on a journey where imagination knows no bounds. The book not only describes the rules of the game but also sparks creativity for kids to get out and play.

For grandparents excited to share these stories with their grandchildren, Project Play books are readily available. Visit the official website at to learn more about the books and their unique approach to combining literature and play. The books are available on Amazon, making them easily accessible for families eager to revive the magic of classic backyard games.

As grandparents yearn to pass on the joy of classic backyard games to the next generation, Marlene Byrne's Project Play book series emerges as a delightful and effective tool. The series is perfect for grandparents eager to create lasting memories with their grandchildren. Through these books, the timeless appeal of traditional outdoor games finds new life, ensuring that the laughter and camaraderie of the past continue to echo through the yards of today.


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