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A New Year's Treasure Hunt For The Kids

Ring in the New Year with your kids and their friends by adding a fun Treasure Hunt to the night. The idea is to get the kids actively searching for their New Year's treasure. There are many different traditions from banging pans to lighting off sparklers to crazy noise makers and hats. Whatever your tradition, use the materials needed to celebrate as the treasure the kids need to find. The "hunt" will create anticipation and excitement for ringing in the New Year with your kids.

Here's how it works. Find a place to hide your New Year's materials and then create clues for locations in your house the kids have to discover to find the next clue as they work their way toward the "treasure." The clues can written (or drawn as a pictures for little ones) on pieces of white paper and folded for hiding.

Here are five clue ideas but feel free to add as many as you like. The final clue will send the kids to the location of the hidden treasure.

Clue 1 (Always handed to the kids to start the game.)

Where do we cook soup? (Hide the next clue in a soup pot and so on...)

Clue 2 (In soup pot.)

Where do you get a new roll of toilet paper?

Clue 3

What sound do we hear when someone is at our front door?

Clue 4

Where do you put your head at night?

Clue 5

How do our clothes get clean?

Keep the clues coming and the kids will be having a blast searching for their treasure. It's a great game to play to celebrate the "kids New Year" early.

Here's to a fun and healthy 2024!!


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