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Project Play is a movement to inspire kids and their families to make unstructured play a priority.  The idea was born when creator Marlene Byrne began writing down the games from her youth for her children.  She was inspired by the possibility of recreating the games as books after introducing the treasure hunt game to a group of her son’s neighborhood friends.


Marlene pondered the fading popularity of traditional backyard games like kick the can or cops and robbers. It was from these humble beginnings that the idea to inspire children in true play was born. 

The Project Play series is designed to grow with readers. The early volumes feature hardcover rhyming books designed for new readers with simple games that entertain and inspire. The later volumes feature a chapter-style narrative in paperback with more challenging games for slightly older children.

All the stories are action-packed and feature the Edgebrook gang as they play timeless, backyard games. The books are meant to inspire children to get out and play the way the characters do—by modifying the rules, coming up with new strategies, and supporting one another.


Marlene is driven by her belief that it is equally important to be creative as it is to be smart. With more than 25 years of experience in the advertising industry, she recognizes that the skills learned during

childhood experiences, especially creativity and negotiation will be channeled into adulthood, and these beliefs are the foundation of Project Play.

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