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Just a Game

The warm summer breeze, the sound of a baseball hitting the bat, the smell of hotdogs in the air, this can only mean one thing-baseball is back. With baseball season back in full swing, it's time for your child to get outside and play. Not only can kids learn the sport by practicing, they can learn how to play fair and work together by reading "Just a Baseball Game."

This Project Play Book shows how kids can work together to win even when they have disagreements. The book encourages cooperation and conflict resolution as the kids organize the game. Parents can always be involved in their child's activities but allowing your child to play encourages creativity and teamwork. Playing pick-up baseball strengthens kids' communication and decision-making, especially when the players are the umpire.

Read your child the exciting and rhyming book, "Just a Baseball Game," and the next day watch as your child's attitude towards the sport and their playmates change. After all it is just a game.

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