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Get Outside and Play Safe!

The COVID-19 pandemic has led to stay-at-home orders, canceled events, and a change to life as we knew it. Trying times like this make us appreciate the little things.

Although this time is tough, we can still be in touch with our loved ones. Friends are missed and too much time with the family has definitely challenged parents. Even when we are called to social distance, it doesn’t mean your children have to be anti-social and away from friends.

Because the weather is nice and summer is here, it’s time to get creative on how we can get back outside. With the sun out and parks opening back up, it is definitely time to play. Introduce your children to a new hobby or even an old game like kick the can. By reading the Project Play books, children can learn “Kick the Can” a simple game they can play outside with friends. This story will encourage them to run around and play this contactless activity.

Experts have cited that the benefits of outdoor play to children include, “improving everything from creativity to academic success to emotional stability.” There’s plenty of time to learn numerous new activities and keep your mind and body healthy. There’s no reason to not get outside and play safely!

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