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A Free Play Snow Day

With the first snowfall of the season comes lots of excitement. Our yards become covered in a glistening white blanket of fresh powder as children rush outside to build snowmen and launch snowballs through the air. There are endless possibilities for outdoor adventure. It is always fun to take a more creative approach to outdoor play by putting a twist on typical winter activities. Follow the leader, a classic children’s game, can be spiced up, making it the perfect activity to break in the new fallen snow.

For a new way to play follow the leader, take your sleds out for a spin! Designate a leader to forge a path through untouched snow and everyone else follows behind. The leader can change direction or sit on the sled backwards and the whole gang must follow. Don’t worry if you don’t have sleds readily available because they can be made from everyday household objects, increasing the free play fun. Read below for household items that can be used as a sled.

Household items that can be used as a DIY sled:

Garbage can lid

Baking sheet

Air mattress

Boogie board

Laundry basket

Inflatable pool

Get creative and be sure to check out “Follow the Leader” by Marlene Byrne for more inspiration!

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