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A Halloween Game the Whole Neighborhood Can Enjoy

As a child, one of the most exciting parts of Halloween is getting to run around the neighborhood and play with friends, both old and new. It’s also the perfect time to encourage children to go explore and engage in creative play outdoors, before the weather turns cold. Halloween is when children’s imaginations will be running wild as they think of creative costumes, spooky stories, and excuses as to why they need “just one more” piece of candy. Channeling this already flowing imagination into inventive outdoor play could prove to be an easy feat.

Ghost in the Graveyard is the perfect game for children to play with a large group of neighborhood friends. This game promotes outdoor adventure, physical activity, and fun-filled interaction with others. Bonus points if the game is played in their Halloween costume! There is an unlimited amount of players to ensure no one will be left out.

If you want to inspire your little goblins, the Project Play book by Marlene Bryne is a great read about the children of Edgebrook playing the game. It is meant to inspire the readers to get out and play with their friends.

Ghost in the Graveyard is played with three or more friends in any outdoor area. It is especially fun in the dark. The object of the game is to find the ghost – a player who is hiding. The player who finds the ghost’s hiding spot, yells “Ghost in the Graveyard” to alert the other players. The player who finds the ghost is safe. All the other players must race back to base. The ghost tries to tag someone before they do and that player is the ghost for the next game.

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