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Creative Indoor Games For When it Gets Chilly Out There

For those of us in the north, we have grown accustomed to below freezing temperatures. We are no stranger to seven thermal layers, the sound of heaters blasting, and the need to keep close to the fireplace between the months of November and March. Even though the weather outside might not be the best, the mission of keeping our children’s creative juices flowing throughout winter is still a priority.

Free play is proven to have a large impact on child development. It helps the young grow strong, gain endurance, and cultivate their creative imagination. Playing together as a family promotes closeness and develops a sense of trust that will strengthen bonds over time. There are a number of games that can be played indoors to keep idle eyes off the screens. One of the most fun and critical thinking based indoor games is Treasure Hunt! Solving clues and running from one corner of the house to the other gives children the chance to exercise their brains and body during the winter months and work collaboratively to figure out where the treasure is hidden.

See below for rules and make sure to check out Treasure Hunt, the Project Play book by Marlene Byrne. The book is a great read about the children of Edgebrook playing the game and is meant to teach readers how to hunt for treasure and play with their friends.

Treasure Hunt: Treasure Hunt can be played as individuals or teams competing for time and is fun to play either inside or out. The goal of the game is to lead the seekers through a set of clues that takes them from place to place to find the treasure. The “seekers” need to read each clue to figure out the next location and hunt for another clue until they reach the treasure.

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