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Recycling is an important responsibility kids should grow up practicing. But is it possible to teach kids the significance of recycling that will carry on into adulthood? Of course it is! The key is to make recycling a fun and engaging activity.

A great way to introduce the concept of recycling to kids is through bedtime stories. Books like Dr. Seuss’ The Lorax make recycling more relatable to young minds. There are several options for books about recycling and local book stores probably have a few for parents to choose from.

As well as reading about recycling and taking care of the Earth, having a conversation with kids instead of talking at them will help them understand. When outside or at the park, parents can explain to their kids how recycling benefits wildlife and the planet. It is a good idea for parents to mention that is never okay to litter because it damages the environment. Creating an open dialog and answering questions will help reinforce the idea for kids.

To help engage little ones, families can put together recycling bins and turn it into a craft project. Allowing kids to be creative will make them even more willing to take part in recycling. Parents and children can draw or glue on pictures representing the types of things that go in each bin, like paper or an aluminum can, and let the children paint the bin however they would like.

It is important for parents to start teaching their children about recycling young because they will inherit the Earth one day. Having the process be hands-on and fun for kids will be the easiest way to create a life-long habit of recycling.

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