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Most kids grow up hearing the phrase “sharing is caring” over and over again. How do you get a child to believe it, though? Most kids don’t want to give up their favorite toy so that someone else can have a turn, even if it would be caring to do so.

Studies show that kids don’t start understanding the concept of sharing until around the age of five, so if a parent is getting frustrated their two-year-old simply isn’t getting the idea, it’s best to ease up and start with the small stuff. This can include waiting their turn to be handed a cookie, or learning to say please and thank you. Starting with little steps can help build up patience within the child, and patience is a crucial trait to have.

Sometimes it’s important for a parent to put themselves in the shoes of their little one. Allowing a few special toys to be just for them can be a positive thing, such as a beloved stuffed animal. After all, even adults have items they aren’t comfortable with sharing and parting with those possessions can lead to anxiety within both an adult and child alike.

Another important step parents should remember to take when teaching “sharing is caring” is positive encouragement! Positive encouragement can go a long way in the eyes of a child. Saying “Good job!”, “I’m proud of you!”, and the like will inspire that behavior in the future.

Sharing is caring and teaching a child that doesn’t have to be complicated when it’s taught with kindness and patience.

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