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Outside the comfort of home, the world can be scary. There are many dangers outside the door. Germs, people, freak accidents can all cause parents anxiety at the thought of their child out and about in the world.

Should these dangers prevent kids from playing outside? Studies show absolutely not. Not only can the mere imagine of greenery calm a mind, but it has also been shown that kids who play outside have increased attention spans and less anxieties.

A child’s mind is constantly learning from what is around it. Being surrounded by new, lush environments stimulates the brain, promoting creativity away from the structured walls of school or home. Their thoughts outside can be full of wonder. Suddenly a cloud is no longer a cloud, but an elephant instead.

Of course another beneficial aspect of having kids play while surrounded by nature is exercise. Torn away from a couch and a tablet, kids are encouraged to run, walk, and explore the world they live in. Exploring and exercise go hand in hand. Playing outside also provides exposure to vitamin D, which is important for healthy bones and immune systems.

Although the world can feel frightening, a child’s development is highly benefited from playing outdoors amongst nature.

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