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What are the benefits of backyard games?

Get up and get active! Here’s why Project Play believes in reintroducing backyard games to this generation of children.

A Cost-Free Solution

Being active is essential to living a healthier life. Children need at least 60 minutes of physical activity every day. Project Play’s mission is to reintroduce the simple nature traditional outdoor games provide. No high-level equipment or monthly fees are needed, just some creativity and fun is all it takes.

No Technology Required

In today’s world it seems like technology plays a factor in everything we do. Although technology enhances our lives from our workouts to education, children should not use technology as their only form of entertainment. Getting outside to play offers your child a chance to step away from the screen and use their imagination.

Creating a Healthy Social Environment

Project Play introduces backyard games that encourage kids to play together. This creates a healthy competitive attitude, as well as helping children step out of their comfort zone. Backyard games help develop friendships through play.

“Kids love backyard games but don’t always have the opportunity to play,” said Marlene Byrne, author of Project Play books, stories that teach children the rules of nostalgic backyard games. “By getting the neighborhood kids together for games like kick the can, treasure hunt and ghost in the graveyard, they get active without the pressure of an exercise program. They learn to negotiate, work together and have fun while getting healthy.”

Families can make games a priority as well. Next time you have a neighborhood or family party, get the whole group up playing a relay race to dress/undress in costumes, or team up for a game of charades. It will add fun to the party and gets everyone off their seat and on their feet.

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