Get the whole family outside and cook by the fire.  Use these great ideas for your next outdoor family night and remember to bring along the neighborhood kids to play.

Recipe #1: Pudgy Pies & Sandwiches

This recipe requires metal pudgy pie makers.  (Sometimes called cooking irons)  The concept is that each side of the maker has a slice of bread.  In between the bread, you can put just about anything you like.

Sandwich Ingredients:
Cooking Spray
Interior options:
Peanut butter & jelly
Ham & cheese
Pizza Sauce, cheese & pepperoni
Almost anything you like

Pie Ingredients:
Cooking Spray
Interior options:
Any fruit pie filling

Spray the pudgy pie makers with cooking spray.  Lay a piece of break on each side of the maker.  On top of one slice, put your interior ingredients.  Close the pudgy pie maker and cut off the excess bread crust. Close the pudgy pie maker – remember to latch it tight – and insert into the fire.  It can be laid on the coals for about 2 minutes.  Turn to the other side for one minute and check to see if the toast is browned.  Enjoy.

Recipe #2: Dogs in a Bun


Pillsbury Crescent roll dough
Hot dogs
Roasting skewers

Wrap crescent dough around a hot dog.  Skewer the hot dog and hold over the fire.  As the dough cooks, so does the hot dog. Remember to rotate the stick. When the dough is brown and baked, remove from fire and cool on a plate.

Recipe #3: Bread on a Stick

Get ready to cook your own bread.

3 cups flour
1 ½ Tbsp baking powder
2 ½ Tbsp butter or lard (not margarine)
2/3 cup warm water

Put everything but the water in a bowl and mix with your fingers until crumbly.  Add water slowly and mix until dough feels soft.  It takes some time until the dough holds together – so don’t give up.  Put a dough ball on a stick and cook over the coals for about 10 minutes – rotating to get the sides even.  Bread is ready for jam or honey.

Recipe #4: Spuds on the Fire

Olive oil or cooking spray
Onions (red or white)
Seasoned Salt
Optional – bacon bits, dill, etc.

Tear off a large piece of foil.  Coat the center square with olive oil or cooking spray.  Dice potatoes and onions.  Put about 3-4 potatoes in each packet.  Add onions and sprinkle with seasoned salt.  Wrap the two sides of the foil by rolling and folding down.  Seal the ends.  The packet should be sealed very tightly! Set on the coals of the fire (can be put on a grill as well) and leave cook for 45 minutes.  Check the packet to see if the potatoes are tender.

Recipe #5: S’mores


Hershey bars
Graham crackers

We hope you already know this – but here goes.  Roast marshmallow, smash between two graham crackers with chocolate piece inserted until the marshmallow squishes out.  Enjoy!! You’ll want s’more.